Nets Go Grey With New Court, Biggie Jerseys to Return

The Brooklyn Nets will roll out the NBA’s first-ever all-grey basketball court design according to a story from ESPN’s Zach Lowe.

We’re not talking a traditionally coloured court with grey accents, not at all, we’re saying the floor will be grey where you typically see the beige or brown of the wood.

Photo courtesy the Brooklyn Nets via

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The court also includes plenty of references to the designs seen around New York City’s subway system — the mosiac tiles, the white Helvetica on black mimicking the signs seen throughout the line.

I recommend checking out the piece on ESPN as Lowe goes into some fantastic detail about the process the team went through with the league to get this court approved, including a series of additional mockups that the NBA rejected before they reached a compromise.

Much of the league’s issue seems to surround with how the lighter designs, including one that features a lot of white on the baselines, would look on television. Ice Cube’s BIG3 basketball league managed to successfully used a court with a mostly white design during their recently completed season over the Summer of 2019.

BIG3 used a white court with great success in 2019

The article also mentions that the Notorious B.I.G.-inspired black and “Brooklyn camo” uniforms that the club wore last season as their “City” uniform (and were later the subject of a trademark-infringement accusation), will return in 2019-20 but will now be white instead of black.

A good mockup of what that will likely look like here:

Graphic/Mockup via Twitter/@ujcdsgn