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Nashville Predators Faux It Back for 2020 Winter Classic Logo

The Nashville Predators have unveiled the logo their team will use when they face the Dallas Stars outdoors at the 2020 Winter Classic three months from now.

To be worn as a shoulder patch, the logo is a fauxback-styled version of the Predators usual logo showing a sabre-toothed tiger, jaw wide open with a “ready-to-attack” look in its eyes, in navy blue and gold – a hint of red on the tongue of the animal, recalling the logo on the Preds old, mustard-coloured third-jersey worn back from 2001-07.

The logo, designed by Adidas in association with the Predators, will be applied to the jersey with a classic felt fabric and custom embroidery to give it more of an old-fashioned look and feel.

Nashville Predators 2020 Winter Classic Logo on SportsLogos.Net

Naturally the question now becomes, if this is the shoulder logo what’s going on the front?

Well we don’t have a definitive answer here but we’ve heard that it may be a wordmark on a yellow/gold jersey with a blue horizontal stripe across the chest (Montreal Canadiens/Florida Panthers style). This would pretty much match the uniform worn by one of Nashville’s early pro hockey teams, the Dixie Flyers of the old Eastern Hockey League from the 1960s:

Nashville Dixie Flyers, Eastern Hockey League

This would line up nicely with the Dallas Stars who will be wearing a logo paying tribute to their own minor league pro hockey history by way of the 1940s Dallas Texans.

It makes too much sense for this not to happen.

The Stars and Predators are expected to unveil the uniforms they’ll be wearing for the 2020 NHL Winter Classic in mid-to-late November. The 2020 NHL Winter Classic will be played on January 1 at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas.