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Orlando Magic Unveil New Blue Statement Uniform

The Orlando Magic have unveiled a new blue “Statement” (alternate) uniform for the 2019-20 season.

No pinstripes on the base of the jersey gives it a more clean look overall, the pinstripes aren’t forgotten entirely, making an appearance on a small black patch on each side of the jersey.

“ORLANDO is arched across the front in white trimmed in silver and black, player number below in a similar fashion. The Nike and Disney logos on the top right and left respectively.

This blue uniform will likely replace the Magic’s black Statement edition uniform from last season, which saw a similar logo/number design but instead on a black uniform with blue pinstripes. A reminder of that one next to the new Statement edition:

As of now the Magic are scheduled to wear this new uniform sixteen times in the 2019-20 season.


Oct 26 at Atlanta
Oct 28 at Toronto
Oct 30 vs New York
Nov 2 vs Denver
Nov 10 vs Indiana
Nov 17 vs Washington
Nov 23 at Indiana
Nov 25 at Detroit
Dec 9 at Milwaukee
Dec 11 vs LA Lakers
Jan 1 at Washington
Jan 4 vs Utah
Jan 26 vs LA Clippers
Feb 8 vs Milwaukee
Feb 29 at San Antonio
Apr 11 at Indiana

Schedule, as always, is subject to change

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