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Los Angeles Kings Tweak Their Primary Logo

The Los Angeles Kings have a new primary logo this season, but before you get too excited, prepare yourself, the change is so minor that the team didn’t even bother making an announcement about it.

Striping has changed around the outside of the shield. That is all.

What used to be silver/white/black is now silver/white/silver/black. An extra layer of silver sandwiched between the black and the white, and it also appears that the outermost outline has increased in thickness.

The logo change has absolutely no effect on the logos worn on the jerseys — they’ll still use the 2011-19 version of the logo on the front of the home and roads, and they’ll still use this new 2019-20 version of the logo on their alternate greys as they have since they were introduced last November.

Los Angeles joins the Vancouver Canucks as the only two clubs to make a change to their primary logos in the NHL for this season and both changes were overall quite minor. The last NHL team to make a major change to their primary logo is the Florida Panthers who unveiled a whole new look over three years ago on June 2, 2016.