2019 NFL Week 5 Uniform Matchups

And just like that we’re a third of the way into the 2019 NFL season…

Welcome to your 2019 Week Five NFL Uniform Matchups report, this week the Seattle Seahawks definitely made themselves known when they wore their all neon green uniform for the Thursday nighter against the Rams.

This afternoon the Carolina Panthers and Cincinnati Bengals will both wear their alternate uniforms (both of which are far superior to their usual home tops, don’t @ me), we’re unsure what pants the Panthers are wearing but very much hoping it’s the black as it is by far their top combo. Other notable combos are the Kansas City Chiefs and New Orleans Saints who are going all red and all black respectively.

Click image below for a closer look

Your choices for Uniform Matchup of the Week, I thought I’d go with a couple of classics and a couple of newer options to appeal to all your various tastes out there.

For tradition, how can you beat Packers-Cowboys? Well, Bears-Raiders could do it. Assuming the Panthers are wearing the black pants this afternoon, they’re a good pairing against Jacksonville’s scaled-back road white look, and finally, a green versus green option just because with Philadelphia against the new New York Jets set.

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