Wizards Unveil New, Blue “District” Statement Uniform

The Washington Wizards today unveiled their new blue “Statement” uniforms via their official Twitter account.

Like their “City” Edition uniform of the last couple of seasons, the uniform features their secondary “District” branding across the front rather than the actual name of the team.

The overall design of the uniform is nearly identical to the Wizards Statement uniform last season, blue jersey and shorts, red horizontal stripe across the top with blue and white trim around the collar and arms. The player’s number is below the wordmark in red and white with a red/white/silver striping pattern down each side of the jersey and shorts. The only differences? Logo across the front, and the design on the waistband of the shorts.

While last season the waistband had the team’s alternate “dc” logo, this year it’ll be a modified version of the Washington, D.C. flag — two horizontal red stripes with three red stars above.

The Wizards will be getting a new City Edition uniform this season, it’s not yet known if that will also continue to carry the “District” branding across the front or if this is the only District uniform for the team this season.

A reminder of last season’s Statement uniform which will be replaced by the new design:

Washington Wizards 2018-19 Statement Uniform

The Washington Wizards will wear their new Statement uniform 21 times during the 2019-20 season, seven of those games at home in Washington.


Oct 30 vs Houston
Nov 13 at Boston
Nov 20 vs San Antonio
Nov 26 at Dallas
Nov 27 at Phoenix
Nov 29 at LA Lakers
Dec 1 at LA Clippers
Dec 30 vs Miami
Jan 22 at Miami
Jan 23 at Cleveland
Jan 26 at Atlanta
Jan 28 at Milwaukee
Feb 7 vs Dallas
Feb 12 at New York
Feb 28 at Utah
Mar 3 at Sacramento
Mar 4 at Portland
Mar 10 vs New York
Mar 25 vs Phoenix
Apr 1 vs New Orleans