Padres Confirm: Brown is Coming Back November 9

Yes, it’s finally happening folks, the San Diego Padres today announced that “Brown is Back!” along with an unveiling date set for November 9th.

The announcement video featured the team’s classic Swingin’ Friar logo which suggests it may return as part of the new logo and/or uniform set.

Pinch me.

The Padres wore brown and gold as their official team colours from their inaugural season in 1969 until 1979. In 1980 the Padres added orange to the brown and gold, orange replaced the gold entirely in 1985 and finally blue replaced brown in 1991. San Diego brought back a brown alternate uniform to be worn for Friday home games in 2016 which they’ve worn for those Friday games in the four seasons since.

The San Diego Padres have invited me to cover the event, which will take place at Petco Park between 6 and 8 pm Pacific Time. I’d love to go but, y’know, cross-continent international flights can be pricey when you’re independent. We’ll see!