Clippers Unveil New City Uniform for 2019-20

The Los Angeles Clippers (or LA Clippers, as they prefer to be called) unveiled their new “City Edition” uniform yesterday via their appearance on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s 2019-20 NBA Preview magazine.

With an overall black-and-white appearance designed in collaboration with Los Angeles-based artist Mister Cartoon, the uniform features “Los Angeles” across the front in an “Old-English” style font (just ignore that “LA Clippers” preference thing, I guess)

The collar and stripes up both sides of the jersey and the shorts are also black, the waistband of the shorts too with the team’s “LAC” logo in its usual red and blue colour scheme at the centre.

The Clippers familiar red and blue make other subtle appearances via the stripes around each arm, the right arm has a thin red stripe and the left the same in blue. A similar idea at the end of the black stripe on the side of the shorts sees an additional thin red and blue stripe.

Reaction to the new uniform was mixed with many making comparison to uniforms worn by Big3’s Enemies team, which features a nearly-identical look and colour scheme to what the Clippers have rolled out here:

The Enemies from BIG3 wore a similar design in 2019