UCF Knights Unveil New Space Game Alternate Uniforms

Originally known as Florida Technological University, UCF was founded in 1963 with the mission of supporting the space program through a partnership with Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. And because of that, the Knights announced on Wednesday afternoon they’ll once again wear space-themed uniforms this season.

This marks the third straight year UCF has worn space-themed uniforms. And while the previous two iterations were black, the Knights’ new white jersey carries over several key design elements — including constellations on the numbers, sleeve caps, cuffs and collar, which represent the roads and buildings on campus.

For example, Orion is the name of the road that circles Spectrum Stadium. There is also a large Pegasus constellation on the sleeves, which is where UCF’s Pegasus logo typically sits on the uniform.

The pants, meanwhile, are white with a USA wordmark running down the side as a nod to Apollo 11, the rocket that first landed astronauts on the moon.

Last but not least, the helmets — which are modeled after the dark and light sides of the moon and feature craters throughout — were hand painted by Armando Villarreal Studios, a freelance artist located in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The school’s primary logo is on both sides, while the “Countdown County” area code (321) is prominently displayed on the front bumper in recognition of the Space Coast just east of UCF’s Orlando campus. The back bumper, meanwhile, features the beginning of commander Neil Armstrong’s famous quote, “One small step for man.”

UCF will wear this space-themed uniform — which features Citronaut, the school’s unofficial mascot from 1968-69, on the collar and right hip — against Houston on Nov. 2. Check out more photos below.

Photos via @UCF_Football on Twitter