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San Diego Padres Show Off New Cap, Colours, SD Logo for 2020

The San Diego Padres are out here soft-launching this new logo and colour scheme, and we’re all for it.

With over a week still before the team officially unveils their new logos, colours, and uniforms, the Padres this morning introduced new manager Jayce Tingler to the press while donning the club’s new brown-and-gold cap for 2020.

Screencap via Fox Sports San Diego

Tingler was also presented with a brown and gold jersey, this was the Padres usual Friday night top worn over the past few seasons (note the lack of a Nike swoosh).

San Diego had already changed their social media account avatars to feature the new colours and new “SD” logo… Yes, it *is* a new “SD” logo, the differences between the 2019 and 2020 designs aren’t huge but the new look certainly is an improvement over the old one.


All four serifs on the letters have been reduced in size, the transitions from the series to the rest of the letters have also been made more gradual. Take a look at the red outline (new logo) laid on the full black SD (old logo) in the graphic above, this shows all the differences between the two more easily than I could ever hope to try to explain in here.

Complete San Diego Padres logo and uniform history

And perhaps giving us one extra hint of what to expect with the 2020 re-design, the Padres featured the Swingin’ Friar logo throughout the press conference, Tweeting a photo of it on the box containing the new cap earlier in the day:

Photo via San Diego Padres

The Padres will officially unveil the full set on Saturday, November 9th at 7pm local time (10pm Eastern). SportsLogos.Net will be in San Diego to cover the event live.

San Diego had used brown and gold as their primary colour scheme beginning with their 1969 expansion season until the end of 1979, in 1980 the Padres added orange to the mix and yellow was eventually dropped in 1985. In 1991 brown was removed, replaced with navy blue, but the original colour scheme was always popular with baseball fans both in San Diego and around the country. The Padres brought back brown and gold as an alternate jersey in 2016.