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Atlanta Hawks Unveil New Peachtree “City Edition” Uniform

The Atlanta Hawks unveiled a new uniform today, and it’s a real peach…

Inspired by Peachtree Street, the main road that runs through Atlanta, the Hawks new “City Edition” jerseys feature the name of the street right across the chest in white lettering trimmed in peach. Peach and white continues as trim around the collar and arms and stripes down each side.

The stripes carry on down the shorts before stopping short of the end of the pant leg where they curve towards the centre. The Hawks logo is on the left side of the shorts, recoloured from red and white to peach and white.

“Atlanta is the heartbeat of the South”, proclaimed the Hawks announcement of the uniform, “and its lifeblood is an undeniable culture of hospitality, social justice, and creativity. What carries the essence of that culture throughout the city and beyond is Atlanta’s iconic street — PEACHTREE STREET.”

“With a burgeoning skyline that soars above it, Peachtree Street heralds a bright future of evolution in one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. The Atlanta Hawks embody that same outlook of promise”, the announcement continued.

The Hawks will wear their new “Peachtree” uniform sixteen times during the ongoing 2019-20 NBA season, eleven of those games will be played at home on a special peach-themed court created just for the use of these uniforms:

Photo via Atlanta Hawks

They’ll make their debut at home against the Milwaukee Bucks on November 20th, their first road game will be at Brooklyn on January 12th. They’ll be worn twice in Toronto, and both of those games will be while the Raptors are wearing their throwback 1995 uniforms. So Raptors fans can say their final goodbye to Vince Carter, as they face him wearing the same uniform he did as a rookie, and he’ll wave back wearing “PEACHTREE” across his chest. I dunno… am I the only one who thinks of these things?

Here’s the full sixteen game schedule for the new Hawks Peachtree uniforms:

November 20 vs Milwaukee Bucks
December 2 vs Golden State Warriors
December 4 vs Brooklyn Nets
December 15 vs Los Angeles Lakers
January 12 at Brooklyn Nets
January 18 vs Detroit Pistons
January 20 vs Toronto Raptors
January 22 vs Los Angeles Clippers
January 28 at Toronto Raptors
February 20 vs Miami Heat
February 22 vs Dallas Mavericks
March 21 at Philadelphia 76ers
March 31 vs New Orleans Pelicans
April 7 vs Detroit Pistons
April 10 at Toronto Raptors
April 12 at Milwaukee Bucks