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Cincinnati Reds Roll Out Two New Uniforms for 2020

Wasting absolutely no time this off-season, the Cincinnati Reds are the first team out of the gate to unveil their new uniforms for the 2020 Major League Baseball season.

Two new looks, one alternate, one Spring Training were released at noon ET today. Both jerseys are red and both feature the logo of their mascot, Mr. Redlegs fairly prominently.

Starting with the alternate uniform, to be worn during the 2020 regular season.

Yes, there it is, the Nike swoosh… it’ll appear on the front of every Major League uniform, as you see it here, going forward. Sigh.

The scripted “Reds” wordmark which we’ve seen for a while on various batting practice and spring training jerseys is featured across the front in white with a black drop shadow.

On the sleeve is the mustachioed, pillbox cap-wearing head of Mr. Redlegs, Cincinnati’s traditional mascot.

Mr. Redlegs’ disembodied presence is carried over, big time, to the Spring Training jersey, where he gets shifted over from the sleeve right to the front of the jersey:

Player numbers are moved to the opposite side and white piping is added down the front.

No word yet on which (if any) jerseys the new alternate look will replace, it’s entirely possible it’ll kill off the existing red jersey they’ve been wearing since 2007.