Dallas Stars Unveil 2020 Winter Classic Uniform

The Dallas Stars this morning unveiled their new 2020 Winter Classic uniform, to be worn for the outdoor New Year’s Day game at the Cotton Bowl against the Nashville Predators.

While the official release made no direct mention of this team (saying only it’s based on Texas hockey history), it’s a clear tribute to the old Dallas Texans team of the 1940s using a logo identical in construction.

The jersey is green with white shoulders, a single white stripe on each sleeve with both featuring a patch — a Winter Classic patch on the right arm, and a new State of Texas patch on the left. The Dallas Texans used both a shoulder yoke and the sleeve patches as well.

Player name and numbers are in a block, serif font — the same style as the “ST*RS” wordmark across the chest.

In an effort to create a more overall vintage hockey uniform feel, pants are beige (as they were in the NHL in the 1920s) and gloves are plain leather coloured (as they were in the NHL until the late 1950s). Both the pants and gloves do add a bit of colour with some green trim.

A look at the two Dallas Texans uniforms which appear to have inspired this Stars design… First, this design which looks a lot like the logo, sleeve, and socks striping:

And then the shoulder yoke, waist striping, and sleeve patches:

Mash together the best bits of both uniforms and ta-da! A great design. It’s magic!

With the Predators having already unveiled their uniforms for the game earlier this week we now have our 2020 Winter Classic matchup:

She’s a beauty.

All photos in this post are courtesy the Dallas Stars/Adidas