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Detroit Lions Wearing White at Home, First Time in 49 Years

The Detroit Lions are doing something they haven’t done in nearly half a century… and no, it isn’t “win a playoff game”. This afternoon against the Dallas Cowboys, the Lions will wear white uniforms at home in Detroit. Yes, you heard that correctly.

It’s the first time the Lions have worn white at home since Thanksgiving Day 1970 against the Oakland Raiders, which the Lions won 28-14.

According to Gridiron-Uniforms, this is just the third time the Lions will have worn white at home — prior to the 1970 game against Oakland, the Lions wore white against Green Bay in 1961.

The Lions wearing white at home against Oakland on Thanksgiving Day 1970

Other teams holding off wearing white, Minnesota hasn’t since 1964, the Pittsburgh Steelers since 1969 (excluding Super Bowl XL), the Indianapolis Colts since 1995, and the Seattle Seahawks have never worn white at home since entering the NFL in 1976.

Why are the Lions wearing white today after so many years? Well, it could be that they truly believe in the Cowboys “unlucky” blue jersey and wanted to force them to wear it — then again, they could’ve still done that while wearing their all-silver ColorRush uniforms. No official reason yet, we’ll update when we find out.