NFL 2019 Week 11 Uniform Matchups

I’m back following a “bye week” during which I turned a working trip to San Diego into a family vacation to Disneyland. It was nice, it was warm, everybody I met was phenomenal. I miss it!

We’re back at it here in Week 11 where we’ve got a couple of interesting choices.

The Detroit Lions have surprised us all and opted to wear white at home for the first time since 1970, possibly to force the Cowboys into wearing their “unlucky” blues. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are wearing their all-red “ColorRush” uniform against New Orleans in their all-white road set. Aside from those, it’s a pretty standard week across the league when it comes to what teams are wearing — home colours at home, road colours on the road, a very unusual sight in 2019.

Click the graphic above for a closer look

We’ll try to update this graphic as the day goes on and more information is known.

As for uniform matchup of the week… Here are my four favourites for you to choose from:

I love the different colours pairing up here — the white/blue of Buffalo against Miami’s aqua, black vs orange always looks great, and it’s hard to ignore any game in which either of the Los Angeles teams are wearing their retro colours — even more when they’re facing uniforms like those worn by the Bears and Chiefs.

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Vote above! Disagree with my top four? Let me know in the comments!