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Five New NBA Uniforms Leak, See Them All Here

Five more NBA leaks over the past twenty-four hours, pretty much all of which due to a jersey being put out for sale too early (which is a good indication that they’re coming out for reals shortly).

Let’s get right to it.

Working in “that’s awesome” order, the Denver Nuggets are going back to their rainbow skyline design, Tweeted out by @NuggetsWave:

It’s a black jersey with white trim around the collar. An updated skyline/mountain scene on the chest with the Nuggets modern wordmark below and player number above in white. The “rainbow” design behind the mountains in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple — a clear nod to the Nuggets old uniforms of the 1980s.

Next, the Milwaukee Bucks with a jersey which I look forward to wearing around the house someday soon:

“Cream City”, in addition to being what I wished was my high school nickname, is a name commonly used by the City of Milwaukee — it’s why the Bucks wear cream, it’s why the Brewers brand new home jersey is cream instead of white. It refers to the cream-coloured bricks used in a lot of architecture in the Milwaukee area.

The Detroit Pistons are carrying on with the “MOTOR CITY” jersey theme…

But at least this time the jersey is in their actual team colours of red, white, and blue. It follows the same design template as their previous MOTOR CITY jersey, which was blue and silver. Thanks to @BadBoysRemix for sharing this photo.

The Portland Trail Blazers are the third in our series of “BLANK CITY” jerseys to leak today, they’ll be wearing another “ripcity” design:

Portland has since officially unveiled their City Edition uniform (they did so while I was half-way through this post… rude).

From the Blazers: “Our design pays tribute to our franchise’s heritage with a retro mash-up of our team’s first two uniforms (70-71 & 71-75) along with some modern accents and vintage colouring.

Finally, the Boston Celtics, who we’d already seen leaked once before but at least now the jersey appears in the proper shade of green:

You may recall the last time we saw this jersey it appeared teal which rightfully caused some concern amongst Celtics Nation. We covered this design much more in our post on that leak here.