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LEAKED: 2020 LA Kings Stadium Series Jersey

You can’t spell “leakings” without “LA KINGS”.

Late last night the Los Angeles Kings 2020 Stadium Series outdoor game uniform was leaked to Mayor’s Manor, a news site dedicated to the Kings. Much like the Colorado Avalanche design for the same game we saw earlier this month, it’s certainly something new…

The jersey shows “LA” laid diagonally with motion lines similar to the Kings logos of the late 1970s through the late 1990s. The “LA” design cuts the jersey in half, the top portion is black and the bottom is white — this design carries through onto each sleeve.

Inside the back collar, we see a chessboard pattern in black and white with a Kings wordmark.

Here’s the jersey paired up with the Avalanche leak we saw earlier:

So the designs are very unusual but that’s what the Stadium Series seems to be the testing grounds for. It’ll be tough to judge just how great (or terrible) both these uniforms are until we see them on the ice in an actual game but I must say, it’s nice to see them at least *trying* new things — and if it doesn’t work, remember, it was just for one game.