2019 Week 13 NFL Uniform Matchups: Seahawks Go Neon Green on Monday

Week lucky number 13 of the 2019 NFL calendar gave us three on the Thursday for the American Thanksgiving holiday.

The Atlanta Falcons and Detroit Lions both noted the holiday matchups by wearing special uniforms — the Falcons made the right decision by wearing throwbacks, the Lions did not by wearing their awful “ColorRush” set. Thanksgiving is for throwbacks. Everybody knows that… the Saints get a pass here.

On the Sunday, we see the Dolphins in their 1970s aqua throwback design, the Cardinals and Texans wearing their ColorRush sets, the Bengals, Titans, Ravens, Panthers, and Broncos in dark monochromes, while the Seattle Seahawks will stand out as they play the Monday Nighter in their “Action Green” ColorRush tops with navy blue pants.

Here’s your Week 13 NFL Uniform Matchups:

For my matchups of the week, some hard choices here but I went with my gut. Falcons-Saints almost made it, as did Vikings-Seahawks just because how often do you see purple vs neon green? But I couldn’t do it!

49ers-Ravens (before the Ravens changed their mind and switched to black this week) and Redskins-Panthers got the nod because I like those colour pairings, the gold vs hints of gold with purple in Baltimore really caught my eye — the Panthers colour combo is just such a hit with me I’ll learn towards any game featuring them if their opponent has a half-decent uniform, which Washington most certainly does.

In Kansas City, it’s an AFL classic — the Chiefs and the Raiders have two of the better uniforms in the league; and of course, Packers at Giants? Easy call there. Like I said… I *almost* went with Minnesota – Seattle.

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