A Closer Look at the New Nike MLB Jersey

As anyone who frequents this site already knows, Nike is taking over the on-field Major League Baseball uniform contract from Majestic Athletic beginning with the 2020 season.

While we’ve seen general photos of every team’s Nike home jersey for 2020 as well as some of the new road and alternate team designs, what we haven’t seen yet are detailed closeups of the construction of the jersey.

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Fortunately, Bill Henderson and his infinitely incredible Baseball Dream Shop have come to our aid and shared some great shots of the new Nike jersey. While we had heard reports that the Nike jerseys this year (and possibly next) are just re-branded Majestics, these photos, as well as Henderson’s own impressions from looking at the uniforms, finally seem to confirm the report.

First, take a look at the front and back of the jersey, like the Majestics these have the vented side panels and vented tail on the back and are made of the same (or extremely similar) Flex Base material.

“My educated guess is that these are made from the same patterns, same materials and quite possibly in the same factory that made last year’s jerseys”, said Henderson. “It looks and feels exactly like last year’s Flex Base by Majestic. The only thing missing is the Flex base tagging.”

The MLB silhouetted batter logo remains as it has since 2016, using the “Chroma Flex” style patch.

The focus of many upset baseball jersey fans, the Nike Swoosh is sewn into the front of the jersey, as you can see in Henderson’s photos of the front and inside of the patch on the jersey. Henderson notes the new Swoosh patch measures just 2 3/8″ wide.

There’s also new tagging on the bottom left of the front of the jersey and a matching tag on the inside back collar (where there was no physical tag during the Majestic Days). A new MLB Authentic Collection logo appears on the retail tagging.

And yes, they’re Made in the USA, as were the Majestic jerseys.

Certainly seems like we’re just getting Swooshified Majestic jerseys in 2020, probably 2021, before Nike does their thing all over Major League Baseball — just as they’ve already done with the NFL and NBA in recent years — in time for the 2022 season.

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