NCAA Unveils Logo for 2021 Final Four in Indianapolis

The NCAA unveiled the logo for the 2021 Men’s Final Four yesterday during the annual Crossroads Classic in Indianapolis.

As you’d imagine based on the venue of the unveiling, the games will be held at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis with the semi-final round set for April 3rd and the final for April 5th.

Not much information was released about the logo as it was released, it appears to incorporate a bracket into its design with the focus, appropriately, on the final four portion of it — we see the two semi-finals on either side of the logo meeting in the middle for the championship game.

Indianapolis last hosted the NCAA Men’s Final Four in 2015, this will be the eighth time they’ve hosted since 1980. They will host again in 2026.

NCAA Final Four logos have, in the past, flirted with a standardized design, you will see in the graphic below that they used the exact same font/wordmark for every tournament beginning in 2007 up until 2015, a run of nine straight. The entire NCAA itself then implemented an overall logo template format which you can see in 2016 and 2017 – and to a lesser extent in 2018 and 2019.

Here’s a look back at the history of the NCAA Men’s Final Four logo going back to 1979 all the way through 2021:

The upcoming 2020 Final Four will be held in Atlanta; of course, as was mentioned above we know that 2021 will be in Indianapolis. Following that, the 2022 tournament will be in New Orleans, 2023 in Houston, 2024 in Phoenix, 2025 in San Antonio, and then it’s back in Indy for 2026.

You can take a look back at our story detailing Atlanta’s 2020 Men’s Final Four logo, unveiled last December, right here.