Los Angeles Rams COO Confirms New Color Scheme, Uniforms and Logos In 2020

In a letter to fans on Thursday morning, Los Angeles Rams chief operating officer Kevin Demoff announced the team will unveil a new color scheme, uniforms and logos ahead of their move to SoFi Stadium next fall.

“This exciting time includes our new brand identity – from logos and colors to uniforms and helmets,” Demoff said. “These elements will tie to our deep roots in Los Angeles while also providing a sleek, modern look that fits with our new, world-class home. We are excited to share all of this with you over the coming months and see our players run out of the SoFi Stadium tunnel for the first time in our new uniforms as we kick off this next era of Los Angeles Rams football.”

The Rams have worn horns on their helmet since halfback Fred Gehrke first hand-painted his leather helmet in 1948, and that part of the uniform design is widely expected to remain intact. The team has also used some variation of its royal or navy blue and gold or white color scheme for most of its history — aside from its first few years in Cleveland (1936-37) and the 1949 season, when Los Angeles wore red and gold throwback uniforms in honor of their formative years.

With that, the Rams have historically had one of the more iconic looks in the NFL. At least that was the case until the team moved back to Los Angeles in 2016.

Since then, the Rams have sort of used a hybrid design between eras. Their current home uniforms are the beloved royal and blue throwbacks while their road set is the 2000-era white jerseys with Vegas gold accents but paired with a helmet that features white horns as a nod to their 1964-72 design.

The reason for this, of course, is because the NFL has a five-year rule on new uniforms. Had the Rams unveiled a new set upon their move from St. Louis, they would not be able to change them again until 2021 — the second season in their new stadium.

That said, Demoff did not share a timeline for when the new uniforms and logos would be unveiled, but some believe the Rams have been dropping hints on social media and their website about their new color scheme in recent months.

SoFi Stadium — which the Rams will share with the Los Angeles Chargers — is set to open in July.

Photo via @RamsNFL on Twitter.