Report: Browns New Unis Taking a Traditional Turn

It sounds like Cleveland Browns fans will have something incredible to look forward to this Spring.

According to a Tweet from Fox Sports Ohio’s Tony Grossi, the Browns new uniforms will “look like traditional Browns unis”.

What is a traditional Cleveland Browns uniform?

Orange lid. Brown/white/brown striping on the helmet. Grey facemask.

A plain brown (or white) jersey with five stripes on each arm, alternating in colour and thickness between white and orange (or brown/orange on the road whites). A simple one-colour logo on the front, back, and arms.

Most importantly. Does not read “CLEVELAND” in giant letters across the chest, does not read “BROWNS” in giant letters down the legs.

1963 Jim Brown, please share an example of this very fine uniform with the class:

Yes. Just like that. Thank you.

As you already saw in the included Tweet, Grossi also mentioned the uniforms would be released sometime prior to the 2020 NFL Draft which will be held on Thursday, April 23. In recent off-seasons, new NFL uniforms have typically been unveiled in a three week period somewhere in late-March to mid-April.