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Every Possible Super Bowl LIV Matchup Remaining, now with Uniforms!

The NFL Playoffs are here and with that comes my annual graphic showing you every single possible Super Bowl LIV matchup that remains.

At the start of every NFL regular season, there are 256 possible Super Bowl matchups awaiting us in February. Throughout the year, as teams are mathematically eliminated, that number quickly dwindles down until we finish the regular season and enter the playoffs where there are only 36 possibilities left.

Here’s a look at all 36 of the possible Super Bowl LIV matchups at the beginning of the 2019 NFL Playoffs:

With the elimination of the Buffalo Bills, New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints, and Philadelphia Eagles in the Wildcard round and now the Baltimore Ravens, Minnesota Vikings, Houston Texans, and Seattle Seahawks in the Division round, we can cross out all but four of those matchups as we head into the Conference Finals this weekend.

Here’s where we’re at now:

It seems only fitting that in the NFL’s 100th anniversary season that we could see a re-match of the first-ever “Super Bowl” game (Packers-Chiefs) in the championship.

Now that we’re down to just four remaining we can start looking at how the uniforms could line up for the Super Bowl. With the AFC designated as the “home team” this year, we can assume that either the Chiefs or Titans will pick their dark colours (though with Tennessee, who knows what they’ll do). I figured the Kansas City choice was an easy one and had to go with my gut on the Titans — seems like they’d do head-to-toe blue for the big game.

I mean, none of those pairings are terrible… though both the Packers and 49ers home uniforms are among my most favourite in all of football, so a shame we (likely) won’t see either of them here.

So let’s have a vote! Choose your favourite Super Bowl LIV uniform matchup of the four shown above:


After the Wildcard round, we asked which of the then 16 final matchups were you hoping for, the Ravens-49ers matchup which can no longer happen took the top spot with nearly 20% of the vote, followed by two games which could still happen — the Packers/Chiefs in second and 49ers/Chiefs. The other two possibilities (Titans vs Packers or 49ers) both finished near the bottom, tied with 3.5% of the vote.