Harrisburg Senators unveil boisterous George Washington logo

For the second time this offseason, a Washington Nationals affiliate has unveiled a logo bearing the likeness of George Washington. The high-A Fredericksburg Nationals got the ball rolling back in October with a logo that features a youthful George Washington in red knickers wielding an axe (for cherry tree cutting, obviously). (Read about that one here.)

Today, the Double-A Harrisburg Senators unveiled a grown-up, boozier version of America’s founding father. The logo, designed by Brandiose, is meant to portray Washington celebrating parent club’s 2019 World Series championship, complete with a spraying champagne bottle, goggles, and a raised index finger, conveying either “We’re number one” or “I’m the first president.” It should also be noted that Washington, the American Cincinnatus, the American Fabius, is clearly going “Woohoo!” in this portrayal.

There’s no word on whether the caps will be worn during games, but they are available for presale now on the Senators website.