Super Bowl LV Logo Revealed

The logo for next year’s Super Bowl LV was revealed earlier this week, as it usually is, via the official game program for the upcoming Super Bowl LIV.

Filed directly into the “you can’t seriously still be surprised by this” folder, the logo features the same basic template and pattern that’s been used since Super Bowl XLV back in 2011, which was modified slightly for Super Bowl 50 and beyond. The Tampa Bay region is hosting the game, the fifth time the area has played host (first time with this logo “system”).

Tampa Bay is hosting the Super Bowl for the fifth time in 2021

With this latest template, the Super Bowl logo is *sometimes* coloured in a way to pay a nod to the host team; for example, this year’s Miami-hosted game features an aqua bar to match the Miami Dolphins. This new Super Bowl LV logo incorporates… is it “creamsicle”? A tribute to the original Buccaneers uniforms? While that’d be awesome (look, I’m really trying here people), I’m sure it’ll just end up being some nod to the local orange industry instead.

The top part of the “V” is also interesting, relatively speaking, of course, it looks like there may be a reflection of some waves? We’ll have to wait until a better quality version of the logo is released but is the league trying to tie-in a little more local flavour into these designs? If so, okay, a good start… it’s a baby step, for sure, but a step nonetheless. Let’s keep going!

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Oh, for no reason at all, here’s what the Host Committee cooked up for this game:

Super Bowl LV “host committee” logo

Yeah, the host committee logos are still better than the Super Bowl logos.

What says you?