UCF Knights Unveil Space Game Basketball Uniforms

Following the football program’s lead, the UCF men’s basketball team will wear space-themed uniforms against Tulsa on Feb. 9 (2 p.m. ET on ESPN3).

Originally known as Florida Technological University, UCF was founded in 1963 with the mission of supporting the space program through a partnership with Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. And, as mentioned, the football program has worn space-themed alternate uniforms in each of the last three seasons that feature the school’s first unofficial mascot, the Citronaut.

This marks the first time the basketball team will don the mascot, as it makes an appearance on the custom workmark on the chest, below the back collar and on the shorts of the all-black uniforms. It is accompanied Canaveral blue numbers, which “represent the sky and ocean off Cape Canaveral, Florida.”

A sword-shaped design that runs down the side of the jersey and short features a map of constellations, which were a key element on the football uniforms. Those constellations represent the roads and buildings on campus, including Gemini, the road that leads to the front of Addition Financial Arena. There is also an outline of the Arecibo Observatory telescope in Puerto Rico, which is the largest fully operational radio telescope on the planet and is under UCF management, and the shape of a planet named after the university.

The Knights football program is 3-0 in the annual space game, while the basketball team is 11-7 overall (2-4 in the AAC) and could use some of that luck.

Photos via @UCF_MBB on Twitter.