Pirates Release New Uniform, Tease A Second

The Pittsburgh Pirates will have two new uniforms for the 2020 season — one we saw tonight, but we’ll have to wait a few hours for the other.

But we have some ideas as to what it could look like.

Starting with what’s been released, the Pirates have added a new black alternate uniform which was first unveiled courtesy the Instagram feed of Pirates first baseman Josh Bell:

The new black jersey looks to be paired with the alternate cap (the P with the extra outline). The scripted wordmark across the front a clear throwback to what the team wore across their road uniforms for eleven seasons from 1990 through 2000.

As for what else is to come, Twitter account @PGHClothingCo had earlier Tweeted out some details on the two new uniforms. Keep in mind, they nailed the details on the black jersey despite their report coming several hours before it was released, so I suppose we can trust them here.

According to @PGHClothingCo, the other new Pirates uniform is a new road set featuring the same throwback wordmark seen on the black jersey. The grey, they say, will be significantly darker than what the Pirates (and the rest of baseball) typically wears but still coming in a bit lighter than what the Arizona Diamondbacks had been wearing on the road for the last few seasons.

Take a look:

The Pirates have since Tweeted out a teaser video that shows glimpses of the two new uniforms, though it’s hard to tell on the video the road grey doesn’t appear all that darker than usual.

It also gives us a look at a re-coloured sleeve patch for the new black jersey which could not be seen in the photo posted by Bell:

We’ll have more details tomorrow afternoon, I suppose around 3 pm ET! Be sure to check back as we’ll update this post with all the new photos and information that will accompany the official release from the Pirates.