Where Do the 49ers Super Bowl LIV Champs Caps & Shirts End Up?

The Kansas City Chiefs have won the Super Bowl, and you most certainly noticed that the second the game ended they were already wearing Super Bowl LIV Champions merchandise. Of course you did, this happens every year.

Championship merchandise for both teams is made in advance of the final whistle to ensure they’re ready immediately after the game both for the players and staff and for local fans to purchase at local sports shops.

So naturally the question on all our minds is… what exactly is going to happen to all that San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl LIV Champions merchandise?

Fortunately for us, CNN did some digging into this one.

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Prior to 2015, the CNN story says, gear was donated to the World Vision organization who shipped them to countries such as Zambia, Bosnia, Romania, Armenia, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Mongolia, Uganda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali and Rwanda.

But now the league has given the phantom championship gear to Good360, a non-profit organization based out of Alexandria, Virginia. According to CNN, the league has a pre-approved list of countries which Good360 is permitted to send the merchandise to and takes “every step possible to mitigate the risk of these items finding their way back into the US”

Of course, that doesn’t stop the odd piece of alternate universe celebratory wear from finding its way to the United States:

For the most part, it’s extremely rare to find these items on this side of the pond but it’s nice to know that someone somewhere is super excited that the Buffalo Bills were the greatest Super Bowl dynasty that history has ever known.

“Where these items go, the people don’t have electricity or running water,” World Vision corporate relations officer Jeff Fields told the New York Times in 2007. “They wouldn’t know who won the Super Bowl. They wouldn’t even know about football.”

So for fans of the San Francisco 49ers who were hoping to spot one of their team’s Super Bowl LIV Championship shirts or caps somewhere around town… time to book that trip.

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