Duke, North Carolina Unveil Alternate Uniforms To Commemorate 100th Year Of Rivalry

The matchup between Duke and North Carolina is one of college basketball’s fiercest and oldest rivalries, dating back to when the two programs first met on Jan. 24, 1920.

To commemorate the 100th year of said rivalry, the Blue Devils and Tar Heels will wear alternate uniforms for Saturday’s matchup (6 p.m. on ESPN) that harken back to their first meeting.

Both teams will be outfitted in their respective shades of heathered blue, while the primary logos across the chest mirror what Duke and North Carolina wore during the 1920s — though the former was actually known as Trinity College at the time.

The Roman numerals MCMXX-MMXX are sewn into the hem of both throwback jerseys, which translates to 1920-2020, while the gold tabs on the collars signify that both the Blue Devils and Tar Heels have won a national championship while being outfitted by Nike.

The shorts, meanwhile, feature each team’s primary logo on the side and two white stripes as trim along the bottom.

North Carolina defeated Trinity in the first matchup by a score of 36-25 in front of roughly 1,000 fans at Angier Duke Gymnasium, and holds a 139-112 lead over Duke in their all-time series.

Retail versions of the alternate uniforms will be available for purchase on Feb. 7.

Photos via Nike, RushTheCourt and Wikimedia Commons.