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Habs Release Logo for 2020 NHL Draft

The National Hockey League and the Montreal Canadiens unveiled the logo for the 2020 NHL Draft yesterday, it will be held June 26-27 at the Bell Centre in Montreal.

Its main feature is a torch placed at the bottom of the shield. An important icon of Canadiens’ history, it’s a reference to the verse “To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high” from the famous First World War poem In Flanders Fields. The Canadiens have had this verse on the wall of their dressing room since 1952 at both the Montreal Forum and at the Bell Centre.

And both the English and French alternate/secondary logos for the event:

It’s a bit of an update to the template the league had been using for its Draft throughout the entire 2010s decade but still carries over the same overall feel — I’ve always pointed to the NHL Draft logo as an example of the proper way to do an annual event logo template, it’s different enough to give each event its own identity but similar enough that they still all feel connected.

Take a look at the last eight, plus this year:

Each logo (until 2020) had the same font for “DRAFT” and the three shooting stars below with the location name. The colour scheme, the shape of the shield as well as what was used to decorate the shield all changed from year-to-year. That’s how you do it!

NHL Draft Logo History

This will be the 27th time the NHL Draft has been held in Montreal, yes you read that right, of course, that’s because Montreal was the permanent home of the draft from 1963-1984. It’s the first time the city has hosted the draft since 2009.