San Antonio Missions to play as Puffy Tacos

Written By:  •  Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The Triple-A San Antonio Missions will pay homage to a staple food item from their hometown in 2020. For a three-game set early in the season, the Missions will take the field as the Puffy Tacos, sporting distinctive jerseys and a custom logo for the occasion.

The Puffy Tacos logo features the food item swinging a spicy pepper as a bat, while the jersey evokes a taco shell that opens along the buttons.

“When people think of San Antonio’s food scene, they think of puffy tacos,” Missions President Burl Yarbrough said, quoted on “The puffy taco is a dish that is unique to our great city of San Antonio and is deserving of national recognition. These jerseys will showcase a little bit of what makes San Antonio so special to fans and the rest of the baseball world.”

The Missions, a Brewers affiliate, will take the field as the Puffy Tacos May 22-24 for three games against the Iowa Cubs.

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