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2020 Stadium Series: Logos, Uniforms and More

The Los Angeles Kings and Colorado Avalanche are heading outdoors this evening for the third of three National Hockey League games to be held outside during this 2019-20 season.

Today it’s the annual Stadium Series game, the only one of the three that looks to the game’s future rather reflecting back on its past. This will be extremely evident in the uniform designs for both teams, which we’ll take a closer look later in this post.

With design courtesy the NHL creative services department, the logo resembles the shape of the U.S. Air Force Academy class crests designed by each graduating class.

Cadet Chapel is featured in the logo (via Wikimedia)

At the top of the logo, a jet is seen flying past Cadet Chapel, a building located on the academy campus.

In the graphic above are the primary English and primary French “2020 Série des Stades” logos for the game as well as the primary wordmark logo:


Calling it a “glimpse into the future of hockey”, Colorado’s 2020 Stadium Series Adidas Adizero jersey features a large white “A” across the entirety of the front of the jersey with a burgundy mountain design within it. The top half of the jersey is blue, the bottom is burgundy. Adidas is calling it the largest logo to ever appear on their Adizero jersey cut.

The jersey draws inspiration from the State of Colorado — the blue skies, white snow-capped mountains, and red rocks. The angular design is inspired by the Air Force Academy’s Cadet Chapel. The large crest and striping are “specially designed” to be more easily viewed in the stadium setting. Inside the back collar is a Colorado State Flag.

The Avs actual logo for the game is a contained version of the jersey-wide graphic being worn on the uniform. The A/mountain-peak design is housed inside a burgundy triangle (note: all burgundy elements are blue when the logo is displayed on a white background)

A new tradition at the Stadium Series is “out there” helmet designs, last year we saw both the Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers wear oversized logos on the side of their lids, this year Colorado is doing the same:


A chrome silver helmet is the first thing you’ll notice with the LA Kings 2020 Stadium Series uniform, the helmet also contains a decal featuring the markings of a P-51 Mustang, a World War II plane which was manufactured in nearby Inglewood, California. Inglewood was also the location of the team’s home arena, the Forum, from 1967-1999.

“We wanted to come up with a complete military-focused concept that was based on this inspiration [of the P-51 Mustang],” AEG Sports Chief Operating Officer Kelly Cheeseman told MayorsManor in a great look at the creation process of this uniform. “Pretty quickly, we knew what we wanted to do with the helmet, so it was about aligning the concept together with the creative. We worked with the league and Adidas to get the ultimate outcome.”

The jersey is half-black, half-white and split diagonally from the lower right up to the left armpit, this diagonal stripe continues on each arm — down low on the right arm, up higher on the left to match the pattern across the chest.

“A new L.A. crest takes flight on diagonally bisected blocking, inspired by aircraft battle stripes”, read the Adidas press release. “The architecture of the venue’s Air Force Academy, coupled with a pilot’s ambition to push to the edge, inspired the oblique angles used to shape the jersey’s typography and numbering”

A diagonal “LA” jets out into the black half from the white, this “LA” is presented in the modern Kings font style but includes the streaking lines from each character as their “Gretzky-era” logo did from 1988-98.

As for Falcon Stadium, it’s getting dressed up for its wintery showcase. Runways, helipads, and fighter jets have all been placed around the rink.

The 2020 Stadium Series game gets underway tonight between the Colorado Avalanche and Los Angeles Kings at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado, the game starts at 6 pm local time (8 pm Eastern).