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2020 Spring Training New Team Uniforms, Patches, and Logos

Psst… there’s a full slate of baseball games today.

Just reading that it’s startin’ to feel a little more like Spring now isn’t it (just, try not to look out the window)

With the new Spring Training season upon us, we get a whole new collection of Major League caps, jerseys, and logos to enjoy for the next six weeks. Here’s a rundown of the new things you may notice out on the ballfield’s of Florida and Arizona in 2020.

The biggest change to the uniform, Swoosh aside, is the new collection of “Batting Practice” caps throughout the league. Despite the title, these caps are set to be worn by all 30 clubs throughout the Spring Training schedule — some teams, such as the Padres and Brewers have opted to wear their brand new regular season caps for most of their practices so far.

Caps are using a logo-inside-a-logo design, another team logo patch is on the right side of the cap. The Spring Training logo has been moved to the rear of the cap where the MLB logo usually is with each team using the logo of their respective location, either Arizona or Florida. Here’s Arizona:

Many many more details on the new 2020 Spring Training cap collection here.

Speaking of those new looks, the Spring also gives us our first real looks of some of the new 2020 uniforms in action. First the Padres in their new brown and golds:

And the Brewers who haven’t worn anything but their new home cream set thus far:

We’re also getting a look at some new patches which will be worn during the 2020 season.

The Kansas City Royals are wearing a white circle with the initials DG in blue below a gold crown on their jersey sleeves. This patch is being worn in memory of former Royals owner David Glass who died on January 9th of this year:

The Yankees are wearing a Spring Training only patch on their jersey sleeve commemorating the 25th season of their Spring Training being played at George M. Steinbrenner Field (originally Legends Field) in Tampa. This patch will not be worn during the regular season.

The 2020 All-Star Game will be held at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles this Summer, the Dodgers are kicking off the celebrations early by sporting the 2020 All-Star logo on their jersey sleeves already. This patch will continue to be worn during the regular season.

Hey if you win the World Series, you deserve to shout it out to anyone around you for at least the next 12 months. The Washington Nationals are wearing this 2019 World Series Champions patch on their jersey sleeve throughout 2020 for both the Spring Training and regular season schedules:

Speaking of Washington, the Twins are marking their 60th season since relocating from there. The former Washington Senators moved to Minnesota in 1961. This patch will be worn by the Twins on their jersey sleeve during both the Spring and regular season:

Several other teams are wearing special patches during the 2020 season but they don’t appear to be doing so in the Spring. We’ve also heard rumblings that the Blue Jays may do something for Tony Fernandez this Spring, perhaps a memorial armband, but haven’t been able to confirm this nor see any evidence of it in any photos from their camp so far.

Each year the Spring Training event itself gets a whole new set of logos, we covered that much more in-depth here. First the logos for the overall Spring Training and both the Cactus and Grapefruit Leagues:

And the team-specific camp logos, designed to appear like license plates to play up the “road trip” theme that Spring Training logos have followed for the last several years:

Again, much more information about the 2020 Spring Training logos here.

You can also catch all our way-too-in-depth coverage on all of the new logos and uniforms for Major League Baseball teams for use in the 2020 regular season right here.