Tampa Bay Buccaneers Head Coach Bruce Arians Thinks New Uniforms Resemble Super Bowl XXXVII Set

After six seasons in their current set, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are set to unveil new uniforms in April. And while some fans are hoping for a return to the team’s original colors of orange and red, it appears the current scheme is here to stay.

While conducting an interview with Pro Football Talk’s Mike Floiro and former Tampa Bay quarterback Chris Simms at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis on Tuesday night, head coach Bruce Arians was complimented on his fashion sense, particularly his newsboy-style cap.

“And you know what? They didn’t even ask me about the new uniforms,” Arians quickly quipped. “And I was pissed. They went and did it on their own.’’

Arians admitted he has only seen a sketch of the new uniforms, but noted they resemble the pewter-heavy set unveiled in 1997 and worn in the Super Bowl XXXVII win over the then-Oakland Raiders.

A possible return to their Super Bowl unis could be in the cards for Tampa Bay

“I’m anxious to see them,” Arians said.

This will mark the third significant uniform change for the Buccaneers since the franchise’s founding in 1976, including the most recent update in 2014 that featured a modernized logo set, oversized helmet decals, the first chrome facemask in the NFL, a custom number font, contrasting shoulder yoke and the return of orange as a tertiary color.

Top photo via @Buccaneers on Twitter.