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AHL Comets Selling “Puck The Virus” Shirts to Help Team Staff

With the coronavirus bringing every sport in North America to a sudden halt, teams everywhere have quickly found themselves missing out on a very important revenue stream.

Many of these teams are owned by large corporations, partnerships, or billionaires who are able to and have (for the most part) committed to continue financially supporting their staff. But for the Utica Comets of the American Hockey League, that’s not the case.

“As the smallest market in the AHL, we don’t have the luxury of a billionaire owner”, tweeted Comets in-game host and brand ambassador Alicia Daddario this past weekend. “It’s all locally owned and operated. This hits home for ALL employees of the Utica Comets and our building.”

During a recent staff meeting discussing how to proceed during the sudden stop to the season, Comets VP of Marketing Cecelie Pikus threw out the idea of selling a t-shirt to help raise funds to help staff. Team broadcaster Joe Roberts then came up with the eye-grabbing slogan “Puck The Virus”.

Using the Comets existing Creamer Award-winning alternate logo featuring the letter “U” in place of the “U” in “PUCK”, Comets VP of creative services Erik Kowiatek threw together the design.

The shirts are being sold for $25 with the proceeds going towards team staff. You can pick up your PUCK THE VIRUS shirt and help out the Comets staff right here.