The Green Caps & Jerseys Teams Were Going to Wear for St Patrick’s Day 2020

Back over in the good timeline, it’s a day of green across the professional sports world!

The annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration is the perfect excuse for teams to come out with special green and/or Irish themed uniforms both to wear and to sell.

In Major League Baseball we would’ve seen all thirty teams wearing green and white versions of their usual 2020 Spring Training caps, the logo-in-logo style that was unveiled in early February (read all about those here):

The right side of the cap includes an additional team logo:

And the back tweaks Major League Baseball’s logo swapping out the baseball for a shamrock:

Here’s all thirty:

As you can see, the logo-in-logo idea doesn’t work at all for some teams when all colour is removed, specifically the Colorado Rockies, whose logo on this cap style was originally meant to be recoloured to show the colours of the Colorado State Flag. Remove the colour and it sorta defeats the purpose. On the other hand, the Toronto Blue Jays cap works amazingly well in these colours.

In the hockey world, the Toronto Maple Leafs were scheduled to wear their 1920s Toronto St. Pats throwback uniforms for their game tonight following an appearance at Boston over the weekend. Toronto was scheduled to play the New Jersey Devils who, unfortunately, couldn’t wear their own green throwbacks as that would give us white vs white, and that wouldn’t work at all.

Something, something, a saint versus a devil.

Warmup jerseys also would have been worn throughout the league during pre-game skates, not just today but usually scheduled for each team’s home game closest to March 17th.

These things, despite never being worn, are all available to purchase, you can get the 2020 Major League Baseball St. Patrick’s Day caps here, or the 2020 NHL St. Patrick’s Day warmup jerseys here.

Enjoy your Tuesday. Stay indoors if you can.