Los Angeles Rams Reveal New Logo, Color Scheme

The Los Angeles Rams officially unveiled their new logo and color scheme during a livestream on their team site and social media channels on Monday afternoon.

“We wanted to make sure all Rams fans can see our new marks and, especially, our new colors, which represent the vibrant, sunny optimism of Southern California life,” Rams chief operating officer said of the decision to reveal the new marks amid the worldwide coronavirus outbreak. “Those colors and these logos will serve as a bright reminder that there is a sunny future ahead for all of Southern California.”

The new logo follows the same design as the leaked 2020 NFL Draft cap, and includes a stylized “LA” with a horn protruding from the “A.” What could not be gathered from the draft hat — which followed a neon-light inspired design to match the host city of Las Vegas — was the color distribution.

The “LA” in the new logo is blue when used on a white background, but the “A” notably transitions from blue to different shades of yellow as it mimics the curvature of an actual ram’s horns. It’s worth noting the transition is much more natural when the typeface is white and used on a blue background, as seen above.

From the team’s press release:

“The LA mark was crafted with a focus on the horn intertwining with LA, ensuring that the Rams are forever tied to the city of Los Angeles. The gradient in the horn transitions from a white horn to a more vibrant ‘Sol’ horn as a way to pay homage to the evolution of the color of the horns that have historically adorned the Rams’ helmets.

“The mark was crafted to evoke a sense of upward and forward movement, amplified by the gradients. The letters are italicized, mirroring the connected, progressive nature of both LA and the Rams organization. The depth of the mark design creates a sophisticated look unique to the Rams within the ecosystem of the NFL.”

The horn — which is also supposed to represent a perfectly thrown spiral and a wave in the ocean — is then carried over to the Rams’ new secondary logo, which pulls inspiration from the franchises’ earliest marks.

Los Angeles introduced two wordmarks on Monday, the first of which includes the primary logo and an italicized “Rams.” There is also a vertically stacked wordmark that pays homage to the team’s wordmark from 1972-83.

The Rams have also moved from a Millennium Blue and New Century Gold color scheme to Rams Royal and Sol, a new shade of yellow “named after the bold sunshine of Southern California (that) also represents the ‘soul’ of the team.”

This marks the first major logo update in 20 years for the Rams, who are also set to unveil new uniforms in the coming months. An official date has not been set, but it’s expected to occur before the team moves into SoFi Stadium in July.

Caps and t-shirts featuring the new Rams logos and colors are already available here.

Photos via the Los Angeles Rams.