New York Mets use Fake Team Logo on Twitter

Typically today I’d be giving you a very in-depth preview of every logo and uniform change for the 2020 Major League Baseball season. Of course, Opening Day, and therefore the preview post, ain’t happening today. So instead, we have this…

The New York Mets used a fake, conceptual team logo instead of their own on their social media channels today.

Maybe they just liked it better? Maybe they couldn’t tell the difference? Either way, your New York Mets, ladies and gentlemen.

It’s hard to tell in this tiny preview, here’s a closer look at the two baseball card templates they made which show the incorrect logo, plus a closeup of the logo itself:

And, in case you don’t notice a difference, a side-by-side with the actual Mets logo:

The logo used by the Mets was created about six years ago by renowned sports logo designer Todd Radom as a re-imagined version of their original logo, bringing the logo into the 21st Century by including updated buildings in the skyline and a new bridge across the front.

“It began as a fun, theoretical exercise on the changing face of my hometown”, Radom said in a chat with SportsLogos.Net. “I always chuckle when I see it mistakenly adopted by fans, media, and the like. It’s been almost six years since I created it and the skyline continues to evolve.”

Radom later added he was surprised to see it used by the team.

Todd goes into much greater detail about his updated Mets logo on a 2014 post from his site here, give it a read.

As for the Mets, the Tweet including Radom’s Mets logo remains up despite some Twitter users pointing out the logo used is incorrect.