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Details Emerge Regarding Cleveland Browns’ New Uniforms

On Monday morning, just two days before they’ll be officially unveiled, Uni Watch’s Paul Lukas revealed some interesting details regarding the Cleveland Browns’ new uniforms.

Lukas was shown a graphic by “an industry source who requested anonymity” and created renderings of the uniforms from memory. It’s worth noting, though, the graphic was from October 2018 — which is fairly early in the two-year design process — so he cautioned some details may have changed in the meantime. 

If accurate, the Browns will return to a much more traditional look in 2020, which includes the same striping pattern worn by franchise greats Jim Brown, Paul Warfield, Webster Slaughter and many other notable names. 

The uniform as a whole is very similar to what the Browns wore prior to their 2015 rebrand, but removes the wordmark on the chest, introduces a slightly modified block font and retains the current helmet design, albeit without the sublimated carbon fiber print in the stripe. 

Lukas also described Cleveland’s new Color Rush set, which apparently lacks any striping pattern on the sleeves or the pants but includes an orange wordmark on the chest and orange numerals. 

A handful of Browns players in the late-1980s and early-1990s (Clay Matthews and Eric Metcalf, to name a few) either cut or tucked their sleeves under their pads to create a similar visual effect, so maybe the Color Rush set owes some stylistic debt to them.

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