New England Patriots Unveil New Uniforms for 2020

The New England Patriots celebrated Patriots Day today with a new set of home and road uniforms for the 2020 NFL season.

It’s a promotion of the Pats popular all-blue “Color Rush” set, worn once or twice per year for the last four seasons with a new white version to match. The first total change to the Pats uniforms in twenty years following their change from royal to navy blue in 2000.

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There are some very minor tweaks from last year’s Color Rush look, the fonts for both the player’s numbers and names have been changed and the team will wear a new red, white, and blue sock design. Both the home blues and road white jerseys are set to be paired with blue pants.

Just to refresh your memory, the design most prominently features a series of red/white/red stripes around each arm by the shoulders, a nod to the original Boston Patriots uniforms worn in the 1960s then returned by New England from 1984-1992. Numbers are a standard block font, white with red trim on the home blues and blue with red trim on the road whites. Both jerseys feature the Patriots logo on each sleeve.

“As we started to think about the 2020 season and a new decade, we began to envision what we wanted our uniforms to reflect,” Jen Ferron, the CMO of Kraft Sports and Entertainment said to “The success of the ‘Color Rush’ uniform that we’ve worn for the past couple of years had us thinking that we didn’t need to make real substantive changes, rather we could make modest changes to our home uniform and then use a complementary version with those same aesthetics for our away uniform.”

An interesting note near the end of that article on suggests that, like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the team would bring back the throwback design as an alternate uniform once the league allows more than one helmet per team.

Ferron did leave the door open that, if the NFL ever changed the rule to allow more than one helmet per season, the red uniforms could certainly make a comeback as the team’s alternate.

“Our primary uniforms in the modern era have been blue and white and they will remain so,” Ferron said in the article. “We recognize that fans also have an affinity for the red ‘throwback’ uniform and we hope to incorporate that into our uniform rotation in the future.”

The new look certainly marks the end of the Tom Brady era in New England, in twenty seasons wearing the previous set the Patriots won six Super Bowls.

New England joins several other teams in unveiling new uniforms ahead of the 2020 season, check out our earlier coverage of changes made by the Atlanta Falcons, Cleveland Browns, Indianapolis Colts, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. As well as the new logos (with uniforms still to come) from the Los Angeles Chargers and Los Angeles Rams.

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All photos courtesy the New England Patriots