Incredible Sidewalk Chalk Art: All Major League Baseball Logos

We all miss baseball.

Whether you’re a fan of the game or not it’s always there this time of year, every night there’s a game on television, every backyard barbecue it’s on the radio, anywhere you go someone around you is talkin’ ball.

It’s understandable that Ross Yoshida, the Senior Director of Design for the Los Angeles Dodgers would also feel the loss of baseball, channelling that into an incredible weekend project with his kids.

Yoshida grabbed a bucket of sidewalk chalk and got to work drawing the cap logos for each team in the National League.

“We always draw random Dodger logos, so I thought it’d be fun to try to do all the teams since we had time”, Yoshida told me via Twitter. “I’m a softball parent, so I’d never had time for this on a ‘normal’ weekend.”

Yoshida didn’t use any templates or stencils as aids in his work, just a periodic glance at the logo on his phone for reference.

“[I’d] lookup the cap logo on my phone. Lightly draw an outline in white. My kids take care of the colouring just using your run of the mull fat sidewalk chalk”, he recalled. “The ones people think are ‘simple’ may be the hardest. Any wrong move on weight or proportion can throw the whole thing off! Seriously, try to doodle the [Dodgers’] ‘LA’, [Giants’] ‘SF’ or the Phillies ‘P’!”

Yoshida Tweeted a pic of his creation yesterday and, to his surprise, the post blew up, with over 7,000 likes in less than 24 hours.

“The American League is coming and, damn, now the pressure is on!”, Yoshida teased before reviving an old rivalry between the two major leagues. “I wanted to do the ‘real’ league first, you know, the one where the pitchers hit!”

He’ll certainly have his work cut out for him, with a few tricky logos there waiting for him from Baltimore, Toronto, and Seattle but we can’t wait to see it! For now, Yoshida has no plans to try and tackle any other sports or leagues, though we may see “a random Clippers, Chargers or Rams logo”

UPDATE May 8/20:

Ross has done it! Every logo across all of Major League Baseball, check out his latest pic below now with the fifteen logos of the American League.

Check out Ross Yoshida on Twitter at @RYDesignLA