MLB Holiday Caps 2020: Will They Be Worn? Available to Buy?

With baseball on the shelf and Mother’s Day quickly approaching, I’ve been getting numerous e-mails, Tweets, and Facebook messages asking if we’ll still get a chance to see or buy Major League Baseball’s 2020 holiday caps.

I felt it pretty unlikely the league would do a grand reveal of these caps with what’s going on, and they obviously wouldn’t be able to wear them in-game. What I wasn’t entirely sure about was whether we’d just see them pop up for sale one day with no fanfare, afterall they likely still produced these caps well in advance of the postponement of the everything… right?

Pittsburgh Pirates Armed Forces Day cap, 2019 season

This morning I received confirmation via a trusted source that these caps will *not* be available for sale in the event their scheduled games were not played.

So Mother’s Day? That’s certainly out. Armed Forces Day (the weekend before Memorial Day weekend) is probably not going to happen either. The jury’s still out on Father’s Day and Independence Day.

San Diego Padres Father’s Day cap, 2019 season

Major League Baseball players have been wearing commemorative cap designs for holidays for well over a decade starting with Memorial Day and Independence Day, in 2016 the program was expanded to include Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. Last season, the league shifted from wearing camouflage on Memorial Day to Armed Forces Day.

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Note: The photo at the top of this post is of the 2019 Mother’s Day cap design, we have yet to see any design that was planned for 2020. It’s possible they may end up just getting rolled forward to 2021.