Artist Creates Disney Versions of NBA Logos

With the National Basketball Association getting set to resume their 2019-20 season at Disney World in Orlando, one artist is taking the opportunity to transform the league’s logos into a whole new world.

PKAirDesigns, a self-described “artist and sneakerhead” based out of Melbourne, Australia has mashed up our favourite NBA team logos with some beloved characters from our childhood.

We’ve pulled just a small sampling of PKAirDesign’s NBA/Disney collection, we encourage you to check out their Instagram page to see more.

First up, the Memphis Grizzlies meets Winnie the Pooh, two franchises with origins tied to Canada.

Speaking of Canada, here’s your NBA Champion Toronto Raptors with a much-friendlier dinosaur as its mascot, Rex from the Toy Story series.

The original dynasties meet, as the Boston Celtics, the kings of the court in the early days of the NBA, pairs up with the mouse who started it all, Mickey:

The last one we’ll feature (we’re just giving you a taste, we want you to check out the artist’s actual collection!) is one deer you likely didn’t fear, Bambi as the mascot of the Milwaukee Bucks.

Again, this is just a small sampling of PKAirDesign’s work, I encourage you to check out the PKAirDesign Instagram page for more NBA team logos from this series. The project seems to still be in its infancy with ten teams completed so far, so you should keep checking their page for any new updates!

Hat tip to Twitter user @Airrick__ for the heads up on this story, and PKAirDesign of course for the awesome artwork