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Brand new Florence Y’alls unveil classic uniforms

The color palette that makes up the brand of the Florence Y’alls derives from a 45-year-old water tower in the town of Florence, Kentucky. When the franchise rebranded as the Y’alls just a few months ago after playing as the Florence Freedom since 1994, they explained that the cream and red in their palette derived from the tower itself, and the blue came from the color of the sky that you’d see as you were looking up at the tower. (You can read all about that rebrand here.)

However tenuous the reasoning for the powder blue in their brand, the end result is today’s unveiling of a magnificent uniform and cap set created by the Kentucky-based firm The BLDG.

The blue is featured prominently and in large swaths on the caps, jerseys, and pants. While this brand is brand new, powder blue is a classic in baseball lure, hearkening back to the storied days of Paul Molitor’s Milwaukee Brewers, Tim Raines’s Montreal Expos, and Steve Jeltz’s Philadelphia Phillies.

The back of the Y’alls jerseys will feature a small outline of the state of Kentucky with a star indicating the location of Florence just below the collar.

There’s no word just yet on when we’ll see this new look on the field. The independent Frontier League has not announced plans for a 2020 season amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.