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Raptors Getting New Uniforms, Tweaking Logo in 2021

SportsLogos.Net has learned that the Toronto Raptors will be getting rid of their current uniform set and will tweak their primary logo following the 2019-20 NBA season. This information has been confirmed to us by multiple reliable sources.

While the *details* on the new look have yet to be revealed, we’ve got a pretty good hunch that the team will adopt a chevron-style uniform as their primary/full-time set in 2020-21. This design was most memorably seen on their red “NORTH” uniforms worn during their run through the 2019 playoffs and seemed quite popular with fans. (Please note, the graphic at the top of this post is just our own guess of what the new uniform could look like)

Toronto’s red and white “Earned” uniform featured a chevron in 2018-19

The chevron look was certainly embraced by the team in 2018-19, they chose to wear it for their title-clinching game at Golden State rather than their usual uniform. When it came time to design their championship rings, the chevron was again used as the main element. NBA uniform rules prevented the team from wearing the uniform for a second season in 2019-20.

The Raptors have worn chevrons on the side of their uniforms since 1999

Toronto adopted their current uniform set when they re-designed their logo for the 2015-16 season, but the chevron design has been used by the Raptors as far back as 1999-2000. Chevrons first appeared as stripes on the sides of their jerseys; when they re-designed in 2015 the stripes remained but were flipped to instead point up “to the north”. In 2017-18 the chevron was moved to the front of their new black-and-gold “City Edition” uniform with “NORTH” written inside of it. One season later it was replaced with a white version of the same design and later joined by the red-and-white version, classified as the “Earned Edition” uniform.

One would imagine if this new style was to be adopted as their primary uniform set it would instead read “RAPTORS” or “TORONTO” rather than “NORTH”… I mean it would have to, right?

As for purple, I haven’t heard a thing about it making a comeback, if you were hoping for its return, I’m sorry to tell you the odds just don’t look very good right now.

Important to note that this information predates the current pandemic situation, it’s entirely possible the league’s plans for new uniforms could end up changing or delayed due to this. Heads up!

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