Macon Bacon make alternate Macon Eggs marks

The Macon Bacon, who normally play in the 15-team wood-bat collegiate summer Coastal Plain League, have cracked open an alternate identity to round out the makeshift 2020 Southern Summer Ball Series. The Macon Eggs will play in the temporary four-team league with the Bacon themselves, their arch rival the Savannah Bananas, and the Lexington County Blowfish.

The Eggs complement the Bacon’s breakfast-themed brand with yolk-yellow jerseys with a baseball-stitched egg logo, a fried egg for a cap logo, and a sleeve patch featuring what we can only assume is a poached egg in the shape of the state of Georgia.

The Summer Ball Series, which begins July 1, will take place entirely in the states of Georgia and South Carolina, where COVID-19 restrictions have been relaxed, “provided facilities take the appropriate steps for social distancing and sanitation,” per the team.