Charlotte 49ers Unveil New Athletic Identity

The Charlotte 49ers unveiled a new athletic identity on Tuesday afternoon, which the university hopes will become a rallying point for students, alumni and fans throughout the local community.

“The new identity captures the energy that will drive our programs to championship-level success,” Charlotte athletic director Mike Hill said in a statement. “It’s an exciting time for Charlotte athletics. We enjoyed our first football bowl game last season, set a record for home wins in men’s basketball, won league titles in men’s and women’s track and field, advanced to the NCAA Men’s Soccer Tournament second round and saw multiple teams continue their dramatic competitive ascent. 

“To build on that, we’re thrilled to have our new bolder identity that not only reflects our commitment to excellence but encompasses the pride this community has for our institution as well as our strong connection to our dynamic city.”

Charlotte has replaced its familiar “C Pick,” which has been the 49ers’ primary logo since 1998, with what they refer to as the “All-In C.” The forward-slanting “C” features beveled corners and a gold-mining pick in the negative space. 

“It looks incredible,” Charlotte football coach Will Healy said “It will look great on the side of a helmet. It will look great in the middle of a basketball court and on jerseys. When you have a cool logo to go along with Nike on the other side, it’s going to help us in recruiting. It’s going to help our player experience here, where they feel really good about where they are playing.”

The “All-In C” is then used in the 49ers’ “CLT” secondary logo, which is the code for Charlotte Douglas International Airport and a widely recognized abbreviation for the city. 

“I think adding ‘CLT’ to the mark is a big step,” Healy said. “We’ve been focused on how we incorporate the city into our brand. How do we make sure we are Charlotte’s Division I university? This is a big step forward for our program.”

The new identity, which was developed by Charlotte-based media company Luquire George Andrews, also includes a darker shade of green and two additional tertiary logos that have the pickaxe worked into the No. 9. Those marks will be used on new uniforms and signage at the athletic facilities on campus, while the primary logo will be prominently displayed on the 50-yard line of Jerry Richardson Stadium and at center court of Halton Arena.

“This was really a labor of love,” said UNC Charlotte alum and LGA senior vice president and executive creative director Todd Aldridge. “(The university) means so much, not just to its alumni, faculty, staff and students, but to the entire community. As the school’s impact on our region reaches new heights, we were determined to develop an identity that reflected a positive, forward trajectory.”

Photos courtesy of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.