Racing Louisville FC Reveals Crest

The National Women’s Soccer League’s newest club released its crest and colours this morning. Racing Louisville FC will be the country’s first named racing soccer club and will begin to play next season at the $65 million Lynn Family Stadium.

An expansion club for the city had been announced for some time and will share the stadium with the United Soccer League’s Louisville City, which opens Lynn Family Stadium this weekend. It will also include similar colours of lavender and deep violet but include a touch of mint green as an accent colour.

The roundel logo features four fleurs-de-lis that the club stated represents a century of French heraldry and a symbol of identification and point of pride for the city of Louisville. The logo also features two intersecting lines that represent the city both geographically and as a crossroad.

Officials had announced last November that the club would be identified as Proof Louisville FC, a nod to the state’s bourbon industry. After some dissent from its fanbase, team officials recanted, saying that the Proof name was merely “being considered.”