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Washington Nationals Reveal Gold-Trimmed Championship Uniform

The red, white, blue… and gold! Players of the Washington Nationals today revealed their special gold-trimmed ring ceremony uniforms, which presumably would have been worn back in the Spring when the team was originally set to receive their 2019 World Series rings.

We’re not sure if the team will still wear them for their home opener, which is currently scheduled for July 23rd against the New York Yankees, though we can’t imagine any reason why they wouldn’t (I mean clearly they exist, you might as well wear ’em, right?)

From the photos we’ve seen, the jerseys are white with the team’s “Nationals” scripted wordmark across the front in navy blue, gold, and red. Player number on the back is gold with blue and red trim, names follow the same colour pattern as the wordmark on the chest.

The sleeves contain special patches as well, on the left sleeve is a golden star (for 1 World title?) above a gold and blue version of the Nationals’ primary logo. The right sleeve features another gold and blue logo, this time it’s the 2019 World Champions logo. The Nats are set to wear this 2019 World Champs logo (but in red, white, and blue) as a sleeve patch throughout the 2020 season.

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