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Report: Ottawa Senators to Bring Back Old Logo in 2021

The Ottawa Senators have finally settled on their future look… by going back and using their old one.

According to a report from The Athletic which SportsLogos.Net can confirm, the Ottawa Senators will be switching to a slightly modified version of the “2D senator head” logo they used from 1997-2007 for the 2020-21 NHL season.

The story also included a description of what the new home and road uniforms will look like, and it sounds an awful lot like their original 1992-93 set:

The home jersey mockup is black with two red bands on the arms, encasing the numbers, and a single red stripe around the bottom. The away jersey is white with red bands on the arms and black forearms. It has a red stripe atop a black stripe running around its bottom edge.

Hailey Salvian, The Athletic (July 13, 2020)

Taking Salvian’s description of the new uniforms, we reached out to one of the best hockey concept artists out there Lucas Daitchman (@ldconcepts) to act as a sort of police sketch artist.

Note in Daitchman’s mockup, he modified the 2D Sens logo a bit to give it a slightly more modern look.

Here’s another from Daitchman showing how it could look on the ice:

It wouldn’t be my favourite Ottawa Senators uniform, but it’s certainly a massive improvement over what they’ve been wearing.

This change comes after several years of the Senators conducting focus groups, sending out surveys, and meeting with season ticket holders to help determine what direction the team should go in with their logo and uniforms.

In recent years it looked as if they’d embrace the visual identity of the original Ottawa Senators NHL team, who wore an “O” with horizontal black, red, and white stripes. The modern “O” logo had been featured at centre ice, worn on an alternate jersey, and on the shoulders of their regular home and road set.

It’s uncertain when the Senators will unveil the new uniform, what with the NHL playoffs still ongoing, sorta. There’s a couple of weeks coming up in the fall that they’ll be calling the off-season this year, so perhaps sometime then?